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Bob Murphy wonders:

Is it weird that I stay abreast of political developments via Jon Stewart? I can’t possibly watch Fox, CNN, etc., but I can tolerate the collages his team provides.

I feel the same way.  No need to follow the link.

In other news, I stumbled on this book in the library, which attempts to present an academic analysis of the rhetorical techniques used on The Daily Show.  My favorite chapter title: “Purifying Laughter: Carnivalesque Self-Parody as Argument Scheme in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”.  It was interesting to read, but it reminded me of the “_____ and Philosophy” series (e.g. The Simpsons and Philosophy): interesting to read but often the authors try to force connections between the popular culture thing and the egg-head thing to make the popular culture thing seem more profound than it is.


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I am an economics PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis.

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