“Good” Immigrants

From Tyler Cowen:

The article is about how the new wave of immigrants from Mexico, fleeing the drug war, are often very wealthy and highly educated.  Keep in mind that the overall yearly flow of Mexicans to the United States is now about a fifth of what it was in 2006.  Nonetheless, it is being called the “Mexodus.”

The linked article includes this:

Unlike the much larger population of illegal immigrants, they are being warmly welcomed.

Sorry poor immigrants.  Come back when you’re rich.


About brianbergfeld
I am an economics PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis.

One Response to “Good” Immigrants

  1. Adam says:

    Finally, some immigrants with cash. “Bring us your well-rested, your financial stable, your un-huddled self-sufficient subsets of your populace…” and so forth.

    Seriously though, bad news for Mexico. Looks like a looming generational problem if its most affluent citizens are fleeing.

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