I just learned that WashU has a satirical newspaper, WUnderground, modeled after The Onion.  It’s decent.  Some recent headlines:

  • Delicious, Nutritious Now Mutually Exclusive
  • Career Center Helps Student Almost Get a Job
  • Pulp Fiction Poster Showcases Freshman’s Unique Personality
  • Senior Beats System, Graduates Without Learning Anything
  • In Tragic Coincidence, WashU Fails to Enroll Any Hot Chicks for Class of 2015.
  • Residential College Olympics Rocked by Doping Scandal
  • New Study Finds Texting While Driving Only Dangerous If You Suck At It
  • Truth Conforms to Wikipedia
  • Girl Searches for “Cute, Funny, Creative, Sexy, Slutty, Unique” Halloween Costume, Comes Up Short
  • Male Students Plan First Showing of Penis Monologues
  • Ghetto-Raised Frat Guy Takes Receiving of Pledge Father Way Too Emotionally
  • Suitemate’s Coming-Out Announcement Not as Dramatic as He had Hoped
  • Professor Flouts Convention, Wears Bow-tie
  • Heroin Use Linked to Pleasure
  • Student Doesn’t Do Reading: Outfoxes Professor to Delight of Fellow Classmate

And my personal favorite:

  • Per Capital St. Louis Population Remains Steady at One

About brianbergfeld
I am an economics PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis.

One Response to WUnderground

  1. Adam says:

    Those are actually pretty high quality fake headlines

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