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Former reality TV star Rupert Boneham is considering running for governor of Indiana:

His responses to reporters’ questions was long on talk of sharing Libertarians’ values of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, as well as repeated references to living for decades as a regular Hoosier.

But Boneham declined to offer positions on major political issues including school funding, abortion, immigration and drug laws. He said more than once that if elected, he would save taxpayers millions by reducing spending sharply.



I just learned that WashU has a satirical newspaper, WUnderground, modeled after The Onion.  It’s decent.  Some recent headlines:

  • Delicious, Nutritious Now Mutually Exclusive
  • Career Center Helps Student Almost Get a Job
  • Pulp Fiction Poster Showcases Freshman’s Unique Personality
  • Senior Beats System, Graduates Without Learning Anything
  • In Tragic Coincidence, WashU Fails to Enroll Any Hot Chicks for Class of 2015.
  • Residential College Olympics Rocked by Doping Scandal
  • New Study Finds Texting While Driving Only Dangerous If You Suck At It
  • Truth Conforms to Wikipedia
  • Girl Searches for “Cute, Funny, Creative, Sexy, Slutty, Unique” Halloween Costume, Comes Up Short
  • Male Students Plan First Showing of Penis Monologues
  • Ghetto-Raised Frat Guy Takes Receiving of Pledge Father Way Too Emotionally
  • Suitemate’s Coming-Out Announcement Not as Dramatic as He had Hoped
  • Professor Flouts Convention, Wears Bow-tie
  • Heroin Use Linked to Pleasure
  • Student Doesn’t Do Reading: Outfoxes Professor to Delight of Fellow Classmate

And my personal favorite:

  • Per Capital St. Louis Population Remains Steady at One


Bryan Caplan offers his biggest regret as a parent:

Ned Flanders: Well, the folks at the Senior Center sure will love that peach tree we planted.
Rod Flanders: I wish we could see their happy faces!
Ned Flanders: Sin of pride, Roddy.
Rod Flanders: I’m sorry.
Ned Flanders: Sin of regret.
The Simpsons

My closest thing to a major regret or mistake: I wish I had more kids. Lots more. I wouldn’t trade my three sons for the world. But in retrospect, nothing has been more rewarding than simply enlarging my family. When my wife and I found out we were having twins, I was terrified. But during our second pregnancy, I hoped for a second pair – or triplets.

Sometimes people ask me, “What’s the point of having another kid?.” I always retort, “What’s the point of having another friend?” Laugh if you must, but (almost) every person is a beautiful and unique snowflake. To share the gift of life with another piece of yourself, to witness a reboot of the human drama, to see The Simpsons through fresh eyes – all are literally awesome. The cost of another child seems trivial by comparison: A few months of lost sleep, changing a bunch of diapers, spending some extra money when my family already has plenty to eat and a roof over our heads. I barely even notice.

Of course, I’ve never been pregnant. But still.

Bryan Caplan is great.

Proper Technique

From Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Frank wants to train Sweet Dee to be a boxer, so he is teaching her how to do squats:

Frank: Just position yourself under the bar and listen to me. Alright, here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna take all the weight on your neck. Then, you’re gonna jam your legs down and hyperextend your ankles and then shoot back up and lock your knees in place.